Outgoing mail of Monday, June 10, 2013

I´m a little behind right now with my blog and updating, but luckily I could save it all. :)
Last monday I posted these mailpieces:

Letter to my Dutch penpal E.
Envelope with cards for my Dutch postcardpenpal B. 
Card for my friend Y.
Letter for my Dutch penpal L.


  1. I just wanted to say, that I look forward to your posts all the time! and I needed to tell you that, that is the most beautiful lighter I think I have ever seen. :) Keep up the pots :D

    1. Hi Kara. Thank you so much for your sweet message!!! I will keep on posting, but because I am not feeling that well and have an infected eye I was a little behind. Now I'm all caught up.
      The lighter is of Ed Hardy. I love them too. There are many various lighters of Ed Hardy.
      X Mariska