My cardboard

Because of JarieLyns blog (click here) I post this blog with my cardboard. My mother made it for me and here I store actually all my cards, also "normal cards" instead of only Postcrossingpostcards. I switch them very often. :)


  1. Oh, I love this. How big is it? Did she have a pattern or did she just make this from her own idea? It's very pretty.

    1. It's not that very big. I had a bigger one, but it didn't fit on the walls. It's about 75 cm wide and 60 cm high and it can hold 24 cards. I'm really soooo happy with this! I believe my mom made it out of her own thoughts, but I'm not sure. She's crafting a lot and she gets ideas from others/other places too. I can ask her if you want. Maybe she has a pattern you can use too?