Outgoing mail of Monday, March 25, 2013

Today I posted two letters! Have written a lot to them too, hope they'll receive it soon! :)

Letter to my Dutch penpal V.
Letter to my Dutch penpal E.


  1. Love both of your envelopes!

    Your mail still hasn't arrived, wonder if the postal service opened it again and it's delayed.

    Oz The Great and Powerful was a fantastic movie and I loved the musical score too! You should see it! I watch a lot of movies too, both at the theater and on Netflix. Do you have Netflix?


    1. Thank you dear! Only the first envelope is homemade. :)

      :( no, hopefully my letter will arrive soon. It's possible they've opened it again to see if there's nothing bad in it. I hope they will deliver it later.

      Ah thanks! I will watch this movie when it's out on dvd and not too expensive. Thank you. No, I don't know Netflix. What is it??

      Hugs back! <3