Outgoing mail of Friday, March 8, 2013

Yes, I know, I'm behind with my posts. But it doesn't matter, I think. :) I have photographed all my outgoing mail, so I can still let you know and see what I've received and what went out. :)

A  letter for my Dutch penpal L.
A card for my niece A. of 3 years old with a roll of decotape she really wanted so much!
A birthdaycard for a friend of my husband. It says:
A wrinkle more, does not hurt!
Happy Birthday


  1. Aw those are cute cards. Your niece will be delighted and the dog is very cute.

    1. Yes, my niece was very delighted and she had send me one back too! :)
      Like the dog too very much!We'll go visit them in just a few minutes now. :)