My outgoing mail for Monday January 21, 2013

Here's my outgoing mail for tomorrow. I had a really productive weekend, with writing I mean. :) I did some cleaning too, but had more fun to write. :) So here are the cards I'll send out and one letter tomorrow. 

A letter for my Dutch penpal
A card to a friend of mine who has a new job
Just a card for a very close friend/penpal of mine I thought this was really something for her :)
An official Postcrossing postcard going to China
An official Postcrossing postcard going to Canada
An official Postcrossing postcard going to Australia
An official Postcrossing postcard going to the United Kingdom
Had two of these cards: one is going to Germany and the other one is for the Netherlands.
These are also official Postcrossing postcards!
An official Postcrossing postcard going to France
An official Postcrossing postcard going to the Czech Republic

And an official Postcrossing postcard going to Estionia


  1. Wow, you have a lot going out on Monday. All the cards are wonderfu. I really love the polar bears and the seal. Sooo cute. I also really like the black rocks.

    1. Yes, I really had the time and inspiration this weekend to write a lot of cards and the letter. A lot of animalcards this week, but that's because they asked for it (or asked for cards I didn't have), so it's a real animalday. :)
      The card with the black rocks says:
      Happiness consists of three things:
      something to love,
      something to do and
      something to hope for.
      - Chinese saying -

    2. Oh, and the other one with the dices:
      Success is not the key to luck.
      Luck is the key to success.
      It's to wish her good luck on her new job. :)

  2. Love your outgoing mail!

    You had asked about Narnia postcards on my blog, would you like one for the next card I send to you? :)

    If by any chance you can get another card with the sweets on it, I'd love to trade you something for it. My Meredith would love, love, love that card or anything with candies or sweets on it.

    1. Thank you dear!

      Oh, that would be great if you had a Narnia postcard for me!

      I will look for another card for you with sweets on it. I got this one day for free with a magazine, but maybe there are more of those cards! If I do find them, I will send them to you. :)