Incoming mail of Friday, January 25, 2013

Today I really got spoiled after a few days without any mail at all! I got three postcards: two official Postcrossing Postcards and one postcard of a familymember I swap cards with. She's an aunt of my husband actually, but she also loves to swap cards so we decided to do this. :) Really love it!
Offical Postcrossing Postcard from Canada
Official Postcrossing Postcard from Finland with a small note.
I really love Victoria Frances so this card is definitely one of my favorites now! :)
This is the postcard of my husbands aunt of the municipality Reeuwijk.
It's about 228 km away from our house.


  1. It's always nice getting mail especially after a day or two of no mail. Glad you had some nice postcards today.

    1. Yes, it is. :) I love them! Today I had two cards. See my new blog I'm posting in a minute. :)