Incoming mail of Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wow, I really think I've got spoiled today! :) I had one letter and three postcards!! Really like these days. :)
Postcard I got from my parents. It says: "From Ten Boer,  congratulations".  I'm not sure with what, so I will ask them tomorrow. I just think my mother thought this card was too cute. :)

Official Postcrossing Postcard from the United States of America. Love it!!
Official Postcrossing Postcard from Japan. Love this view! 
This is a letter of a Dutch penpal. Really like the stationary and evenlope she has used!


Incoming mail of Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Got one official Postcrossing postcard today! It's from the United States of America and it was send on January 3rd. So it was a long time on the way. It's of a photo she took herself.


Outgoing mail of Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tomorrow I only have one letter to post. In my handmade envelope. I hope the receiver will Luke it and get it soon. It's for a Dutch penpal of mine by the way.

Incoming mail of Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Today I got two lovely, official Postcrossing postcards! :)
This one is from Ukraine. Really suitable for now: the umbrella. It's rainy here. :)
This one is from Germany. Very lovely too!


Incoming mail of Monday, January 28, 2013

Today I received two postcards and a letter in a very nice envelope! It was made by the sender herself! Really love it!
Official Postcrossing postcard from the Netherlands. Really like it!
Letter from my Dutch penpal. Love the envelope!! :) And her letter of course! 
Postcard from my Postcard penpal from Germany. 


Outgoing mail of Monday, January 28, 2013

First a photo of my outgoing official Postcrossing postcards. Had the time to write 5! :-)
And then my other outgoing mail: 2 mailpieces for Angie, one for JarieLyn and some other cards for other postcard penpal. I'm not going to tell you who gets what, then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. :-) But I hope you will like it! Oh and of course a letter for my Japanese penpal.
Let the new mail come tomorrow, I'm ready for it! :-)

My homemade envelopes

Today I made three envelopes of giftwrapping paper. Not a very good choice, because they aren't very solid. So I put in a normal envelope. I think they still look nice.


Incoming mail of Saturday, January 26, 2013

Got two lovely cards today, one via Postcrossing and one is a "thank you" card for the card I had send via Postcrossing:
Official Postcrossing Postcard from Germany
I think it's very funny! :)
This is the "thank you" card from China! Love this.
It aren't rocks on the card, but coral. :)


Incoming mail of Friday, January 25, 2013

Today I really got spoiled after a few days without any mail at all! I got three postcards: two official Postcrossing Postcards and one postcard of a familymember I swap cards with. She's an aunt of my husband actually, but she also loves to swap cards so we decided to do this. :) Really love it!
Offical Postcrossing Postcard from Canada
Official Postcrossing Postcard from Finland with a small note.
I really love Victoria Frances so this card is definitely one of my favorites now! :)
This is the postcard of my husbands aunt of the municipality Reeuwijk.
It's about 228 km away from our house.


My outgoing mail for Monday January 21, 2013

Here's my outgoing mail for tomorrow. I had a really productive weekend, with writing I mean. :) I did some cleaning too, but had more fun to write. :) So here are the cards I'll send out and one letter tomorrow. 

A letter for my Dutch penpal
A card to a friend of mine who has a new job
Just a card for a very close friend/penpal of mine I thought this was really something for her :)
An official Postcrossing postcard going to China
An official Postcrossing postcard going to Canada
An official Postcrossing postcard going to Australia
An official Postcrossing postcard going to the United Kingdom
Had two of these cards: one is going to Germany and the other one is for the Netherlands.
These are also official Postcrossing postcards!
An official Postcrossing postcard going to France
An official Postcrossing postcard going to the Czech Republic

And an official Postcrossing postcard going to Estionia


Postcrossingcards of week 3

Got some nice cards via Postcrossing this week. :) Love them all! :)

From Belarus:

From Poland:

From China:

And from Japan:


My outgoing mail of Thursday January 17, 2013

Today I got a letter and I was in such a writingmood I wrote her back and even finished the letter this evening. I love the envelope of Olivia. :-) I will post this tomorrow. Hope she'll receive it soon.


My outgoing postcrossingcards of Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Here are the Postcrossingpostcards I'll post tomorrow. They're going to: Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and the Czech Republic:


My outgoing mail of Monday, January 14, 2013

Here is the mail I've written this weekend. I will post it all tomorrow:

Two letters for Dutch penpals and a card for a good friend, who is also my penpal.

Postcrossingcards of week 2

This week I wasn't really spoiled with cards, but still I got 2 cards. Both came from the Netherlands.


Card for my penpal

I've posted this card yesterday to my pregnant penpal,but I didn't want to upload it yesterday and risk that she would see it here sooner than "in real life". That's why I post it now,she got it today so now she knows. :-)


Postcrossingcards of week 1

This week I've received some lovely postcards via Postcrossing again. :) I'll show you the photo's here.

This one came from the Netherlands, really love it!

This one is from Russia:
(actually I got this one late december, but because there was no ID on it, I couldn't register it sooner)

This one from Belgium:

From China:

From Malaysia:

And from Indonesia:

Really spoiled I guess. :)